Handle A Power Outage At Your Business

22 September 2020
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Downed wires or an electrical overload that has resulted in a power failure at your cannery should be deemed as an emergency situation that may temporarily halt production. If you have a generator onsite and it is essential in keeping products cooled or heated or machinery up and running, implement this backup device and contact an electrician to perform an onsite assessment and repair steps.

Your Demeanor And Protocol Are Essential

If your business is fairly new and you haven't encountered electric issues before, things can get out of hand quickly if you do not maintain your composure or if you have several people trying to verbalize their input concerning the electrical failure. Hold a briefing within the workplace, which includes stating whether or not you want your employees to remain in their assigned work areas or move into the break area and encouraging everyone to remain calm and to stay away from any electrical components that are tied to the issue at hand.

If the generator is going to be used to aid in keeping some of the assembly lines moving, mandate who should continue to work as normal. During an assessment of the issue, your electrician will provide details about how long a work order will take to complete. This estimate should be used to guide you in sending your crew home or keeping them on the premises.

Some Changes May Need To Be Made

If the business that you operate was built several decades ago and you purchased it from the previous owner, you may not have any history about when the electrical wiring was first installed and whether or not there were issues in the past. An electrician will test outlets and wiring, both indoors and outdoors. One piece of equipment could have triggered the power failure, and this type of scenario will be easy to remedy.

If a power failure is destined to occur again if you continue to operate a high volume of equipment, you may be directed to have some rewiring performed or to alter the manner in which you utilize the equipment that you own.

For a power failure that is a result of wires breaking or a transformer blowing out, other business owners within the area are likely experiencing a power failure. Efforts will be made to restore the electricity, and this isolated incident will not be a concern that will require you to have any upgrades performed on your property. 

To learn more, contact an electrical repair contractor.