Daisy Chaining: What Is It And How Does It Affect Your Electricity?

28 September 2018
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If your circuit breaker trips on a regular basis, you may blame it on your air conditioner, oven, or even hair dryer. Although these high-powered appliances can trip circuit breakers, they're not always the sources behind it. A problem called daisy chaining may actually be the reason for your frequent power trips. Here's more information about daisy chaining and how it affects your electricity.

What's Daisy Chaining?

Many homeowners rely on power strips or extension cords to hook up different devices to a single wall outlet or electrical receptor. As long as you don't overload the outlet with multiple power strips or cords, you should be okay. However, you can cause problems with your home's circuit breaker or electricity by daisy chaining multiple power strips and extension cords together. 

Daisy chaining can overload the electrical wires running through your home's walls, flooring, and ceiling. Daisy chaining may also disrupt power to your circuit breaker by making it trip. If your power strips or extension cords become too heated or warm, they can cause a fire.

Instead of daisy chaining your devices, install additional outlets in your rooms. A number of homeowners install outlets with ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) features. GFCI outlets switch off whenever too much power fluctuates through them. You may also use outlets integrated or made with USB features. USB outlets allow you to charge phone chargers and similar items. 

If your circuit breaker continues to cut off or trip, contact an electrical contractor. 

What Can You Do if Your Breaker Continues to Trip Daily?

An electrician can test your circuit breaker to see if you need to replace it. Circuit breakers can age and wear down from years of usage. Pests can also damage the wires inside a breaker box over time. The wiring may not be strong enough to withstand the electrical loads placed on it. 

In addition, a contractor may also examine the electrical wiring running through your home. Electrical wiring can fray if it's outdated. The insulative material covering your electrical wiring may also be in poor condition. An electrician can replace the insulation or repair the wiring for you.

You can keep your circuit breaker and electrical wiring in good condition by not overloading your outlets or using multiple power strips and extension cords. Also, ask an electrician to inspect your home's wiring regularly. 

For more information about daisy chaining or another issue in your home, contact an electrician today.