Three Automatic Gate Care Tips

21 March 2018
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For homeowners that want to conveniently secure their property, an automatic gate can be an excellent investment to make, as these gates will allow people to authorize access to their property without having to leave home. While these gates are normally designed to be extremely durable, it can be possible for them to suffer damage if they are not properly maintained.

Keep The Gate Lubricated

Regularly applying lubrication to the gate can be an important step in protecting it. Without sufficient lubrication, it could be possible for the gate to suffer extensive damage as a result of the friction that the moving components can create. Ideally, you should make it a point to add more lubrication to the gate's moving parts each year. For the best results, you may want to wait until the winter months as these months typically have less rain, which could wash away the lubricant. Be mindful to only use a lubricant that is recommended by the manufacturer as you could otherwise compromise the performance of the gate.

Remove Snow And Ice From The Gate

It can be possible for the gate to accumulate heavy amounts of snow and ice during the winter. The weight of these materials can be remarkably damaging to the gate. In addition to potentially damaging the hinges of the gate, the weight of the snow and ice can also damage the motor that opens and closes the gate. Due to these potential hazards, you should always make sure that you are removing the snow and ice deposits from the gate during the winter months. If you want to avoid the need to manually do this, you can install a thermal thawing system that can warm the gate enough to melt these substances off of it.

Keep A Spare Remote Available

Remote control failures can be common problems for automatic gates to experience. These failures can make it much less convenient to use the gates as you will need to exit the vehicle and manually open it. Considering that many of these gates can be surprisingly heavy or there may be strong storms occurring when you need to enter or exit the property, it can be beneficial to keep a spare remote control in your vehicle. If you are unable or unwilling to keep one of these remotes in your car, you should at least keep spare batteries so that you can quickly change them when it becomes necessary.

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