Three Ways To Find And Keep Animals Out Of Your Home

6 June 2016
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If you're a homeowner who has been noticing a lot of wild animal activity near your house lately, you're not alone. Animal families are on the move, searching for food and shelter, especially as the hot summer approaches. Your house may seem like a convenient hiding spot for many animals including squirrels and raccoons. However, their good luck translates into your annoyance and damage to your home. Here are three ways to find those animals and keep them out.

Scan Your Home's Heat Signature

Animals are going to give off body heat just like humans, and taking an infrared or thermographic scan of a home can help find any hidden animals. This is very helpful during breeding season when the noisy adult might not be the only animal in your crawlspace. The scan allows animal control companies to pinpoint the spots where the animals are, rather than looking in random spots to find signs of animals. Note that the scans can be used for any living being, including insects.

Scan the Surrounding Trees and Shrubs

Even if the scan of your house turns up nothing, that could just mean that the animal temporarily vacated its hiding spot before you began the scan. It may help to scan areas around your home, such as nearby trees and shrubs, for signs of larger animals. If you're scanning outside, of course, you'll no doubt pick up heat signatures from animals that plan to stay outside, but the animal control person should be able to at least detect a likely culprit.

Create a Refuge Away From Your Home

Once you've gotten any animals out of your house, you may want to be nice and give them a place to go. Setting up a small refuge in the area, such as a bat box or nesting box, can help draw the animals away from your house. Be sure to trim trees back from your house, too; you want to make your home less accessible so that the animals head toward the boxes you've set up.

If you have other questions about using infrared scans to find animals that may have invaded your home, as well as about keeping the animals out, you can talk to pest and animal control companies and scanner manufacturers. This less-invasive way to find animals that have or that might try to get into your home can make pest control a lot simpler and faster.

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