How To Replace A Worn Bearing On An Electric Motor For A Treadmill

5 June 2016
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Running on a treadmill is a good way to lose weight, but if the motor on it starts to make loud humming sounds, it means your running is about to come to an end. The loud humming sound is a sign that the bearings on the electric motor used to power the belt on the treadmill are breaking down. A lot of people will throw out the treadmill at this point and buy a new one, but if you are good with working with basic tools like a screwdriver and wrench, you can replace the bearings on the motor instead of buying a new treadmill. Here is how a regular person can change the bearings on a motor for a Landice L7 treadmill.

Remove Motor

You need to remove the motor from the treadmill so you can work on it. The motor is connected to a bracket located near the front of the treadmill. Remove the bolts to the bracket, disconnect the wire harness leading from the motor to the control panel, and lift the motor out of the treadmill.

Remove Flywheel

The flywheel is the large cylindrical part attached to one end of the motor housing and is usually gold-colored. There is a screw in the center of the flywheel you need to remove first. Now, you need to take the flywheel off of the shaft to the motor. This can be hard to do, and you may need to use a gear puller to get it off the shaft. A gear puller has claws that wrap around the sides of the flywheel. The gear puller also has a stem that abuts the shaft on the motor, and as you twist the handle, the puller forces the flywheel off of the motor's shaft.

Remove the two screws on the motor housing behind the flywheel. These screws are connected to the metal plate that covers the bearings inside the motor housing.

Remove Brushes

You need to remove the brushes for the electrical motor. There are two brushes and they are located at the other end of the motor from the flywheel. There is one brush on each side of the motor. Pop the cover out for the brushes with a flathead screwdriver. You can now pull the brushes out of the motor housing with your fingers.

Remove Cap Ends

The cap end by the brushes is secured to the motor with three screws. Remove the screws and take off the cap. You will see a small fan once you take the cap off. Take the center screw out of the fan and remove it.

There are two long screws at the top and bottom of the motor housing behind the fan. Remove the screws so you can take the cap off the flywheel end of the motor and slide the motor shaft out of the housing. Sliding the shaft out of the housing can be a little hard due to the magnets on the motor, but with a firm pull it will come out.

Replace Bearings

The bearings are located on the far end of the motor shaft. Slide the old bearings off of the shaft and put the new ones on it.

Put everything back together once you have the new bearings on the shaft -- in the opposite order of which you took the motor apart. Put the motor back on the treadmill, and go for a run to make sure everything is working okay.

If replacing the bearings sounds like too large a project, consider hiring a company like Hackworth Electric Motors Inc to do it for you.