7 Ways To Keep Energy Costs Low In The Summer

5 June 2016
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As the need to rely more on your central air conditioning increases in the summer months, your energy costs continue to rise. Since turning off the air conditioning is usually not an option if you and your family want to remain cool, you have to find ways to take some of the strain off of your air conditioning system. Here are some ways you can save on energy costs this summer. 

  1. Avoid dropping your thermostat settings. In an effort to cool down your home quickly, dropping the temperature settings to a lower number sounds logical. In actuality, it pushes your air conditioning system to work harder and drive up energy costs. The system will reach the deserved temperature at a reasonable pace.
  2. Turn off the lights. Lights that are left burning in empty rooms can also add to your energy costs and create more heat. As a result, your air conditioning system will work harder to cool the home.
  3. Control sunlight into your home. Blocking or limiting the sunlight streaming into your home can help your central air conditioner keep the home cool. Use curtains or blinds inside your home. You can also install solar screens and window film for added protection.
  4. Use fans. A portable fan placed strategically in a room can help to supplement the cool air coming from your home's vents. When placing the fan, only use it in room in which people are currently located. 
  5. Cook in the microwave. When the temperatures reach their highest, cooking in the oven can make it unbearably hot inside your home. You can reduce the cook time for foods and reduce the heat generated by using your microwave instead. 
  6. Re-seal your ducts. If you live in an older home, there is a good chance that cool air is leaking out of your ducts. Check the ducts for gaps and seal them with foil tape. If there are significant leaks, call in a professional to do the repair or replacement.
  7. Move around the furniture. Ensure that the vents in every room is not obstructed by furniture or other items. You can also install plastic clips on the vents to help ensure the air is being directed in the right direction. 

Contact your HVAC technician at the start of the summer to have your central air conditioner serviced. Maintenance helps to ensure that any problems with your system are detected and repaired before the temperatures reach their highest levels. To learn more, contact a company like Plisko Electric.