Make Your Bathroom Quieter With A New Exhaust Fan

22 March 2016
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If the exhaust fan in your bathroom sounds like a jet ready to take off, it's time to replace it with a new, quieter unit. If you replace the fan with the same size and model, you can likely do the work yourself. This is an easy DIY project that you can do with a few tools and a couple hours of your time. The results will give you a quieter experience in your bathroom. Here are the steps to replace your bathroom exhaust fan.

Supplies You Will Need

  • ladder
  • work light or flashlight
  • flat-blade screwdriver
  • wire cutters/strippers

From the local home improvement store:

  • new bathroom exhaust fan, same brand and model
  • wire nuts, if not included with the exhaust fan

Replacing the Exhaust Fan

  1. Switch off the electricity to the bathroom at the circuit panel for the house.
  2. Move the ladder in place under the fan to work on it.
  3. Set up the light so you can see to work on the fan.
  4. Pull off the decorative grill that covers the fan.
  5. Loosen the screws that are holding the fan in the metal housing.
  6. Lower the fan out of the metal housing followed by the electrical wires that come down from the ceiling.
  7. Cut the wires as close to the back of the fan as possible.
  8. Place the old fan out of the way.
  9. Strip about a half inch of insulation from the ends of the wires coming out of the ceiling.
  10. Remove the new fan from its box and strip a similar amount of insulation from its wires, if the ends are not already bare.
  11. Hold the new fan up to the ceiling and twist the ends of the two black wires together. Place a wire nut on the ends of the black wires to protect and secure the wires.
  12. Repeat with the two white wires and two green wires.
  13. Place the fan up into the metal housing and secure in place with the screws.
  14. Replace the decorative grill over the fan.
  15. Switch the power back on to the bathroom.

Problems You May Encounter

If you have any of the following issues, you'll need an electrical contractor to finish the job for you:

  • You only have two wires coming out of the ceiling. You're missing a ground wire, which is needed for safety. The electrician will need to run a ground wire to the metal housing and the new fan.
  • The wires don't conform to the black/white/greed coding standard. The electrician will need to sort through the wires and replace them with the proper colors for ease of future maintenance.

If you want to replace the existing fan with a different brand or model, you may need to cut a larger hole in the ceiling and replace the metal housing and duct work with different parts. An electrician may be needed to run additional wiring to the wall switches to operate the new features, such as humidity controls and timers. Contact a business, such as Dunedin Electric Co., Inc., for more information.