Exploring Typical Triggers Of Power Outages

3 November 2015
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There are a few different reasons the power can go off. It can be a very inconvenient time where you can't see, you can't wash clothes, and you can't do anything. You start to wonder if it will come back on soon and why it even went out in the first place. While you might not be able to do anything to get it back on faster, it can give you peace of mind to know what might have caused it.

A Short Circuit

A short circuit is a common reason the power goes off. It is caused when the current goes down the wrong path. This causes an explosion or a fire. There are a few reasons short circuits occur:

  • The insulation around the wire is worn or water gets into the circuits.
  • There is a jam in the circuit that shorts it out.
  • A squirrel got onto the power line as well. Unfortunately, squirrels do not know they shouldn't chew on powerlines.

The Weather

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, how many times you have crossed your fingers and toes hoping the power would not go off during a nasty storm? How many times did you hold your breath when the lights flickered hoping they would stay on? It is a common concern because weather can cause power outages in several different ways.

Lightening can strike the power lines and cause them to short out or fall over if it is a powerful enough strike. Wind can knock power lines over. Water could seep into switch boards and circuits in extreme weather, which would also result in power outages. When it is cold, the ice and snow can collect on the power lines and eventually cause the power to shut off. If it is extreme weather like an earthquake, hurricane, or tornado, the weather could cause a power outage that takes weeks to resolve.

There is also a small possibility that you caused the power outage because you have too many things plugged in trying to draw power at the same time. In this example, you overextended the power and it shut off to protect itself. Determining whether or not you caused the power outage is as easy as looking outside to see whether or not your neighbors have power. If the only one without power is you, it is likely something in your house that caused it. Contact an electrical contractor like one from B Electric Inc for more information.