Why Lights Flicker In A House & How An Electrician Can Help

29 July 2015
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Do you feel like you are living in a horror movie because the lights in your house always flicker? You may experience more problems if you don't get your home inspected by an electrician in a timely manner. Find out below what can cause flickering lights in a house, as well as what an electrician can do to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

What Causes Lights to Flicker in a House?

One of the main things that can lead to flickering lights is low voltage from the electrical panel. You must understand that your home is only able to handle so much electricity at a time, depending on the amps in the electrical panel. If you have a lot of electronics plugged into outlets it can be the reason for lights flickering. Placing high wattage bulbs in your light fixtures can also cause problems when your house is not wired for the usage.

Another reason for flickering lights may be due to faulty wiring in your house. The wires may be frayed and old if you live in an older home that has never had the wiring updated. However, even a newer house can have electrical problems if the wires were poorly installed. A home with faulty wiring is a safety hazard, as the wires can overheat and spark a fire.

How Can an Electrician Fix Flickering Lights?

The electrician will inspect the electrical panel before making any repairs. He or she will determine how many amps you are getting in your house, as well as look for damaged circuit breakers. If the electrical panel has a low number of amps, he or she can upgrade it so the power demands of your house can be met. A sub-panel can also be installed to give you use of more circuit breakers, which is vital if you have a lot of electronics plugged in.

The electrician will also inspect all of the light fixtures in your home to make sure they are not the problem. Bad light fixtures can cause light flickering, and they can also lead to the wires in the ceiling getting damaged. The electrician can replace the light fixtures if any problems are found.

Don't allow flickering lights to spook you out or make your home a fire hazard. Speak to a professional electrician, like those at D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc., as soon as possible so he or she can diagnose and repair the problem.