4 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring An Electrician

29 July 2015
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So, you need some electrical work done around the house, and you're smart enough to know that this isn't the type of work that you want to try doing yourself if you're not experienced. You're looking to hire a professional electrician, but there are some important questions you'll want to ask during an initial interview with a potential electrician before you decide to sign any contract.

Who Will Handle the Permitting?

Any time you have electrical installation or work done, it's important to find out whether or not you'll need a permit from your local municipality. If so, will your electrician handle this for you as part of the bid or will you be responsible for doing this yourself? Ideally, you'll find an electrician who will do this for you.

How Many Similar Jobs Have You Done?

Consider the specific kind of electrical work you're having done and ask the electrician what kinds of similar jobs he or she has done in the past. For example, if you're having a new home built from the ground up, then of course you want an electrician who has done new construction projects in the past. Ask for references that you can contact yourself; any reputable electrician should have them.

What Does the Estimate Include?

Furthermore, ask for a detailed breakdown of everything that's included with your electrical work. This way, you can avoid suffering from sticker shock when it's time to pay up. Specifically, make sure that your estimate includes not only the electrical work and cost of obtaining any necessary permits, but an electrical inspection (if required by your city) and any cleanup necessary.

What Kind of Guarantee is Offered?

Last but not least, make sure that you find out about what kind of guarantee is offered by your electrician. As a general rule, a reputable electrician who has confidence in his or her work should have no problem offering you at least a one-year guarantee on all parts, and should be happy to come out and make any necessary repairs within one year of installation at no additional charge to you.

By taking the time to ask these questions the next time you need to hire an electrician, you can enjoy additional peace of mind when the time comes to make a decision. Additionally, you can avoid the hassle and long-term cost of choosing an electrician who isn't qualified or experienced enough to do the work.