3 Reasons Every Diabetic Should Have A Home Generator

17 July 2015
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Power outages can be a big deal for just about any type of homeowner. However, no electricity can be an all-out danger for people who have diabetes. This is why it is crucial to have a backup power supply available in the event that the power fails. Here are a few good reasons why installing a generator in your home for emergency situations will be a good idea if you suffer from this disease. 

Lack of Air Conditioning Can Be Dangerous

You may be able to handle the heat if your electricity goes out in the middle of summer for a little while, but it is not a good idea as a diabetic to try and handle the heat on your own for long periods. As a diabetic, you may not sweat like other people. Diabetics are actually prone to heat strokes because of this lack of sweat production. It is too easy to assume you are not that hot of you are not sweating at all, but this is actually a sign that your body is not handling the heat as it should. With a standby generator in place, you will always have access to air conditioning to keep you in a temperature-controlled environment. 

Medical Testing Supplies Could Be Damaged

Just about every diabetic knows the importance of testing their blood sugar levels regularly, but many do not know that the testing supplies, such as meter strips, should be kept in a controlled temperature. A controlled temperature can be very hard to achieve if you have no power. Excessive heat or cold could give you inaccurate readings, which is definitely dangerous when you must rely on these readings to monitor your well-being at any given moment. 

Minor Injuries Can Be More Dangerous

If your power goes out in the middle of the night, making your way through your home in the dark can mean stubbed toes and collisions with corners that can cause what most people would consider minor injuries. However, as a diabetic, it is crucial that even minor injuries like these are avoided. If you have a generator on standby in your home, trying to make your way through the house in the dark will not be a concern. 

Generators are a valuable addition to just about any home, but if you suffer from diabetes, you have many more reasons to make sure you keep power available at all times. Talk to a generator sales, installation, and service representative such as Kevin's Electrical Service LLC for more information.