A Couple Of Dangerous Electrical Problems Your Home May Encounter

13 July 2015
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The modern home is equipped with a variety of electrical devices that draw a tremendous amount of power through the wiring in the home. Normally, electrical systems are highly dependable, but there are some problems that your home's electrical wiring can encounter. When these malfunctions develop, you may find yourself facing a variety of problems and threats to your home. In particular, there are a couple of common issues that your home's wiring may encounter, and when these issues arise, you must know how to address them to prevent major damages from occurring to your home. 

Sparking Outlets

There may be times when you notice sparks coming from your home's outlets. When these sparks occur from plugging in an appliance, it is likely a normal discharge that does not indicate any problems. However, if you notice sparks when you are turning on these appliances or when they are off, it can be an indication that the connections in the outlet have started to deteriorate. This type of deterioration can create loose connections in the outlet, which cause these uncontrolled discharges of electricity. 

Unfortunately, this problem can pose a major fire hazard for your home, and any appliances plugged into it are at risk of a power surge. Therefore, you should contact a professional electrician to investigate this problem if you notice it. Attempting to repair it without professional help can put you at risk of experiencing a severe electrical shock or causing major damage to your home's electrical system. 

Excessive Heat Generation

Another routine problem that electrical systems can encounter is excess heat generation. This problem can cause the walls and ceilings to become very warm to the touch. When this problem is occurring, there is usually too much electricity flowing through the wiring in that location. Eventually, the exterior insulation of the wires will melt, causing the risk of an electrical fire breaking out to dramatically increase. 

If you are noticing this problem starting to develop, you will need to reduce the amount of power flowing through that portion of your wiring by disconnecting appliances and devices from the outlets. This may limit the activities that you can do in that room, but it is the best option for helping to prevent a fire until you can have the wiring upgraded. 

Electrical problems have the potential to cause severe damage to your home and electrical devices. Have a stronger understanding of sparking outlets and excessive heat from the wires will help you to know how to proceed when these problems arise. If you have any concerns, contact a residential electrician like Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc.